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MW 800 S


VHF wireless system

The MW 800 is a VHF wireless microphone system that incorporates improved features.For many reasons, wireless microphone systems, suffer interference because devices such as CD, VCD, etc. radian so many harmonics.To solve this problem, we designed this type of professional wireless microphone.We have adapted a number of steps to improve features like its advanced control frequency, narrowband filter and detection and multiple noise control. We have also incorporated special features (tone block to avoid external interferences).
The receiving unit reduced in size, features LED lights that indicate connection with the emitter, on/off, etc.The bodypack transmitter unit of 800 MW S incorporates a selector to adjust sensitivity and a potentiometer for fine Squeclh adjustment. Both transmitters are designed to optimize the usage time with minimum battery consumption.

Compatible headsetXS 100, XS 900, XS 1300, XS 1350, XS 1400, XS 1450, XS 1800
Compatible lavalier micsXS 2010, XS 2020, XS 2030

VHF wireless system.
Advanced frequency control.
Narrowband filter.
Detection and noise control.


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