Lighting controller

Lighting controller

Power unit which is composed of a monochannel dimmer that can be controlled through DMX signal with adjustable starting address through DIP - Switch. Besides, it adds a local control for dimmer through a fader, so it can work independently (one channel dimmer) without the need of a Control ONE device.

Monochannel dimmer of 10A.
Control ONE system power unit.
Fader controller.
Controlled by Control ONE (or another DMX controller).
DMX channel configuration through the DIP-Switch.
2 additional pins for the supply of the Control ONE.
Easy tohide down false ceiling.
Max. load: 10 A.
Protocole:DMX input and output.
Starting channel: Configurable by Dip Switch.
Main supply: AC 2530V 50 Hz.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 185 x 125 x 47,5 mm.
Weight: 1,1 kg.

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