LED desk lamp for LightShark LS-1.
  • LED desk lamp.
  • Light source: 6 LEDs white.
  • Main supply: 5V DC.
  • On/off button and 3 intensity levels.
  • 3-pin XLR connector.
  • Length: 520 mm.

LS Cases.

LS cases are made of ABS plastic, which is light, safe and really resistant to impacts.
Specially designed for LightShark Series, these cases offer the ultimate in transport safety.


for LS-Core and LS-Nodes.


  • W: 339 mm
  • H: 152 mm
  • D: 295 mm

LS-C1544 T.

for LS-1.


  • W: 616 mm
  • H: 250 mm
  • D: 493 mm

LS-AR 19.

1HU 19'' rack chassis designed to fit up to 4 LS-Core or LS-Node devices. With this accessory it is easy to make systems like a 16 universe node in 1HU (4x LS-Node4 ) or a system of LS-Core with 8 direct DMX ports (1x LS-Core +1x LS-Node2 + 1x LS-Node4).


  • W: 483 mm
  • H: 44 mm
  • D: 148 mm


  • 2.1 kg


Wall mount holder for LS-Node & LS-Core. With this accessory composed of 2 metal wings,LS-Node and LS-Core can be easily wall mounted.

LS-HR 19.

With this accessory composed of 2 metal wings it is possible to install an LS-1 in a 19'' rack.